Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Support for Saferides!

We sent out a message on Facebook asking for opinions about Saferides from people who had used the service, had volunteered, or who support the program. This is what we got back so far:

Saferides saves lives. It's that simple. It allows people in dangerous situations to act safely - an option they would not have if Saferides were not performing its service. Helping to preserve Saferides means helping to preserve the lives of Los Gatos teens for years to come.

Plus the volunteers are pretty awesome people :)

I think that saferides is a good idea. No matter what kind of campaigns you start to try to prevent teens from drinking or whatever else, there are always going to be people who do it anyways. Saferides takes note of that. Even if the teen has been drinking or other, at least now he/she has an option of getting home that is much safer than the teen attempting to drive him/herself home. Viva Saferides!

I have volunteered for saferides and it is a wonderful part of the community. It provides a safe way for us teenagers to get home and allows our parents to know were safe.

All quotes will remain anonymous. Thanks to everyone who supports our cause!

- Isabel C.

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