Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Up and Running Once Again!

So, we are running again, and we have gotten the Saferides number on the student ID cards, and that has definitely helped.

Still, we need volunteers, ESPECIALLY adults, to help out.

If you are curious about the program, or want to help out, please send us an email at:

Thank you, and have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

End O' the Year! (And other news)

The school year is ending soon, and that means Saferides will be ending till next school year pretty soon. Stay tuned for the things we will attempt next year to bolster support and volunteers for Saferides.

Also, we are attempting to get some help and/or advice from the Red Cross, who have been amazingly helpful so far. We hope that something good will come of our meeting, and that we can work something out to help get more volunteers, or find some sort of benefit that might draw in volunteers.

Lastly, we have heard about laws in other states which make it legal for a teen to drive in the first year of their license if they are driving for Saferides! This could be extremely helpful, and we are hoping that this law will be passed in California.

Questions? Comments? Please leave them in the comment section or email us at


We thank you for your continued support!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Volunteers Needed!

I can only ask again for volunteers to PLEASE step forward. We especially need adults and drivers!

Help us out!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Saferides vs. Spring Break!

It is Spring break.

Kids drink and party a lot on Spring Break.

Saferides will be operating.

You may think that you don't want to waste you time helping drunk kids stay out of trouble from mom and dad. Think about your kids/friends/grandchildren/partner/innocent bystander of choice.

Sally and Mark went to a party at their friend Bill's house. It was a total rager and they had a TON of fun. Sally got super wasted after playing beer pong with her best friend Helen, so Mark, who was pretty tipsy, decided he would drive them home, what with him being such a sweet guy and a great boyfriend.

Maria, Sophie and Harold went to go see a movie that just came out. After that they were going to go back to Maria's house to make brownies. On the way back from the movies, Sophie texted her mom, "Just finished the movie. It was great! Going back to Maria's for brownies. Her parents said it's fine, they'll be home."

Meanwhile Sally and Mark were on their way home, with the girls in the backseat. Sally was feeling really bad, and Mark turned around a bit to check and see if she was ok. When he looked back at the road it was too late, and he couldn't swerve the car fast enough. He crashed into Maria's car at 70 mph head on.

Now that's just a scenario, but what if Maria or Sophie or Harold were close to you? We don't just save a teens life, we keep them from harming others.

Is that a good enough cause?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Drama & Volunteer Openings!

There was a little bit of drama over Saferides, but that has been sorted out. Until someone tries to pull a fast one on Saferides, we are still ok, and still operating. 

Its the second semester now, which means quite a lot of work. Still, because work means stress, and stress, for many students, means alcohol, we need more support form volunteers than ever. 

One night makes a difference, and we cannot stress this enough. 

- Isabel C.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Support for Saferides!

We sent out a message on Facebook asking for opinions about Saferides from people who had used the service, had volunteered, or who support the program. This is what we got back so far:

Saferides saves lives. It's that simple. It allows people in dangerous situations to act safely - an option they would not have if Saferides were not performing its service. Helping to preserve Saferides means helping to preserve the lives of Los Gatos teens for years to come.

Plus the volunteers are pretty awesome people :)

I think that saferides is a good idea. No matter what kind of campaigns you start to try to prevent teens from drinking or whatever else, there are always going to be people who do it anyways. Saferides takes note of that. Even if the teen has been drinking or other, at least now he/she has an option of getting home that is much safer than the teen attempting to drive him/herself home. Viva Saferides!

I have volunteered for saferides and it is a wonderful part of the community. It provides a safe way for us teenagers to get home and allows our parents to know were safe.

All quotes will remain anonymous. Thanks to everyone who supports our cause!

- Isabel C.

El Gato Article and Other Issues

We have recently been featured in the latest issue of El Gato, the LGHS school newspaper. The article was brilliantly written and very accurate and can be found in the March 9th edition of the paper. 

Things have been rather hectic lately, and quite a few interesting things have popped up. 

For one thing, we got a call a week ago from students in Burlingame, who asked for a ride. When told that we don't take calls from places so far away, the students asked, "Then why did our school give us your number?" Needless to say, we had no answer. Maybe it's time Saferides operations were in every school district... =D

We have also had some problems with Saferides, and not due to lack of volunteers either. Due to these issues we will attending and speaking at the next A Place for Teens board meeting, at the Venue, at 7pm on the 16th of March. Like Saferides? Come show your support!