Tuesday, March 9, 2010

El Gato Article and Other Issues

We have recently been featured in the latest issue of El Gato, the LGHS school newspaper. The article was brilliantly written and very accurate and can be found in the March 9th edition of the paper. 

Things have been rather hectic lately, and quite a few interesting things have popped up. 

For one thing, we got a call a week ago from students in Burlingame, who asked for a ride. When told that we don't take calls from places so far away, the students asked, "Then why did our school give us your number?" Needless to say, we had no answer. Maybe it's time Saferides operations were in every school district... =D

We have also had some problems with Saferides, and not due to lack of volunteers either. Due to these issues we will attending and speaking at the next A Place for Teens board meeting, at the Venue, at 7pm on the 16th of March. Like Saferides? Come show your support!

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