Friday, April 9, 2010

Saferides vs. Spring Break!

It is Spring break.

Kids drink and party a lot on Spring Break.

Saferides will be operating.

You may think that you don't want to waste you time helping drunk kids stay out of trouble from mom and dad. Think about your kids/friends/grandchildren/partner/innocent bystander of choice.

Sally and Mark went to a party at their friend Bill's house. It was a total rager and they had a TON of fun. Sally got super wasted after playing beer pong with her best friend Helen, so Mark, who was pretty tipsy, decided he would drive them home, what with him being such a sweet guy and a great boyfriend.

Maria, Sophie and Harold went to go see a movie that just came out. After that they were going to go back to Maria's house to make brownies. On the way back from the movies, Sophie texted her mom, "Just finished the movie. It was great! Going back to Maria's for brownies. Her parents said it's fine, they'll be home."

Meanwhile Sally and Mark were on their way home, with the girls in the backseat. Sally was feeling really bad, and Mark turned around a bit to check and see if she was ok. When he looked back at the road it was too late, and he couldn't swerve the car fast enough. He crashed into Maria's car at 70 mph head on.

Now that's just a scenario, but what if Maria or Sophie or Harold were close to you? We don't just save a teens life, we keep them from harming others.

Is that a good enough cause?

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