Friday, January 22, 2010

Volunteers Needed!!

Saferides, being a non-profit, volunteer run program, needs volunteers.
At the moment, it is four teenage girls (myself included) who are running this program. We volunteer our nights every weekend from 10pm-2am. We have one driver/adult who constantly helps out, almost every night, and this is the entirity of our volunteer base. Five people. Four people are needed to run Saferides each night.
1 Adult (for insurance reasons)
1 Driver (to provide the means of transportation)
2 Teens (to act as Navigators and Dispatchers)

You do not have to be able to drive to volunteer! If you are under 18 and wish to help out, you must sign a Permission and Consent form, and a Volunteer agreement form, which your parents must also sign.

We are trying to get these documents availiable on the site. We can also email the document to you if you wish.

Volunteering pays off! From volunteering at Saferides you can get:

1) Up to eight hours (double hours due to lack of volunteers) for one night (four hours) at saferides.
2) Sleep! Thats right, you can sleep, though one person must remain awake to answer calls.
3) Homework, knitting, book reading, and other hobbies done! Spend your four hours doing something productive!
4) A happy glow and a warm feeling in your heart knowing you may have saved someones life.

PLEASE VOLUNTEER! Email us at, leave a comment, or call 1-888-550-7433 during saferides operational hours only (10pm-2am).


  1. well thank you for this valuable information!

  2. I am glad this program is going on!